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Why We're Obsessed with Bad Data

Multiple studies show B2B contact data decays at a rate of 2-4% monthly, which means more than 30% of the records in your CRM will become obsolete over the course of a year. The end result is that your staff spends too much time correcting bad data and less time selling, which Salesforce estimates costs you $17,000 per sales rep annually.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Hard truth: since the workforce is so dynamic, your CRM data needs to be dynamic too. Said differently, your CRM data needs to be LIVE. And that’s where we step in.

Live Data utilizes website information, blog posts, tweets, social posts, resume updates, press releases, and similar digital signals to create a compelling source for contact data accuracy.  We have performed billions of verifications and benchmarked ourselves against all similar services, and we’re certain that no data is more accurate than Live Data.


Total number of Live Data contact verification transactions in 2021


Unique count of US B2B professionals verified at least once in 2021


Number of decision makers whose job status is continuously monitored

Security & Compliance

Live Data takes data security and privacy seriously, and has since our inception. We leverage the latest technologies in data, network, and cloud security to keep your data secure and keep our systems operational.


Live Data is currently formalizing our SOC2 requirements. In the interim we are able to answer your security team’s questionnaire as needed.

Team Live Data

“A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.”
– Steve Jobs

John Albano

Data Scientist

Dave Block

Senior Engineer

Ryuta Eguchi


J. Scott Hamilton


Greg Kogut

VP of Technology

Andy McBride

Head of Revenue

Ryan O'Leary

Head of Product

Brent Peus


Jason Spievak


Alex Theodore

Data Architect

Jonathan Yanay


Ryan Buckley (left)

Advisory Board

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Follow Users to New Jobs

Your best prospects are those who were previously customers. Give us your VIP list of current customers and we’ll tell you when they change jobs.

Better MarTech

Live Data cost-effectively improves the accuracy and effectiveness of your application with fresh contact data. Reach out for a free API key.

Audiences Not Lists

Give us the characteristics of your ideal prospects and we’ll create a targeted audience of up to 500 prospects for free.

Update Stale Data

CRM’s decay rapidly. We’ll verify the accuracy of up to 100K records from your CRM for for free, and monitor future job changes on a monthly basis.

How Many Dupes in Your CRM?

It’s likely far more than you think. Send us up to 100K records to and we’ll flag all your dupes. For free. Really. No strings attached.

Remove All Hard Bounces

Upload up to 1M B2B email address and Live Data will verify the deliverability for free, highlighting valid addresses and flagging bad ones.