3 Ways to Get Approval to Purchase Live Data

Jun 18

So, you've found us, you've tried us, and now you need to get approval to use us. Here are 3 features to consider to help you get this over the finish line.

We Take Security Seriously

You're trusting Live Data with your customer data and we appreciate that trust, which is why we use AWS for our cloud platform.

AWS is the gold standard and has advanced security across every virtual sector of the cloud platform. Amazon's physical data centers offer comprehensive security as well. They stay on top of vulnerabilities with their bug bounty program.


Pay Only for What You Use

Metered billing is easy to scale up or down and makes your Live Data subscription incredibly low maintenance. No need to upgrade or worry that you're paying for seats, records, data, or features that you're not using.

All you pay is the fixed monthly fee (most customers pay just $99/mo) and whatever you use!


ROI in the First Quarter

When you upload connections to Live Data, you'll get job changes right away.

Typically we'll find that 3% of imports have old data. That means you get hot leads to reach out to right away. The low monthly fee you pay for Live Data will be paid back instantly when you close that first deal!

Get Live Data
Get Live Data