5 Tools to Simplify Your Sales Process

Jun 18

In a world with multiple providers for almost every product and service, you can't afford to have a cumbersome sales process. You want your sales process to be as seamless as possible, lest you deter someone from completing the sale.

We've put together 5 tools that help your sales process run as smoothly so you can properly focus your time and close more deals!

1. Use a CRM: Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce

A customer relationship management platform (CRM) streamlines your day to day work by putting everything you need to know about leads in one place.

As a sales professional, how you spend your time is crucial. Not properly organizing and tracking your leads could lead to spending too much time on cold leads while warm and hot leads are sitting. CRMs like Pipedrive, HubSpot and Salesforce help focus your energy by ensuring that you clearly see which leads are the top priority and that no leads fall through the cracks.

Aside from organizing leads by priority or date of last contact, they also bring your email threads in so you can get all your information without bouncing from page to page.


2. Use an Email Finder

There's nothing worse than the feeling you get when you check your inbox and see bounced email notifications instead of responses from your prospects. It's especially bad if you spent hours crafting the emails.

This can all be easily avoided with a professional email finder—like us! Email Finder gives you accurate contact information for your top prospects instantly.

The precious time you save with Email Finder gives you more time for writing emails, prospecting and closing deals, baby!


3. Share Decks With DocSend

DocSend is like Google Docs, expect it's secure.

Instead of sending your materials or documents in a large attachment, you simply send a secure link that even let's you control how long the recipient can view it.

The days of blindly sending marketing materials and decks and wondering if they were opened are over. DocSend tracks who's opening what and when, then puts it all in a handy dashboard for you.


4. Use an E-Signature Tool: HelloSign, RightSignature, DocuSign

Using an e-signature tool is no longer a "nice to have" it's a necessity. People are busy and they are rarely near a printer. Requiring them to print, sign and fax every document wastes their time and delays your sales process big time.

HelloSign, Right Signature and DocuSign are e-signature tools that are so easy to use and will delight your clients with effortless signing from their phone, tablet or computer.


5. Use an Appointment Scheduling Link Like Calendly

Calendly removes the need for back and forth emailing just to set up a call. You only send one email with your calender link and your prospect can choose a time that works for them right from your live calendar. One and done!

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