Optimize your CRM Usage

Jun 18

Think about your CRM.

It likely has countless contacts who are leads that never converted and former customers with outdated contact information. In the age of the Internet, finding net-new leads is harder than ever.

As a sales person you are busy enough. You don't need to hunt for only laborious net new leads, especially when only 25% of them turn out to be legit. You have a goldmine of qualified leads right under your nose if you simply update your lead contact information!

The leads that never converted and haven't been emailed in a while are due for a quick reach out anyways, so make it count by using an email that won't bounce.

Why Live Data?

People change jobs now more than ever before. By using Live Data to refresh lead contact info, you can start nurturing them again. All the outdated data collecting virtual dust in your CRM can be turned into actual revenue when you simply input the list to a Ledger. Live Data tracks jobs changes and gives you the contact's email at their new job so you have an accurate email and access to the contact's new company with the click of a button!

Filter through your CRM for leads to update

First, have your sales team go through their accounts and make an email list of all the contacts they have not spoken with in the past 6 months. Then import the contacts into a Ledger and generate a brand new list of contact emails from every contact that changed jobs.

This is powerful, especially if the contact was a former customer. They already know you, your product, and they work for a brand new company that can benefit! Believe us when we tell you that these contacts are worth millions! Jill Konrath lays out just how valuable tracking job changes is in her "Top Seller Linked Strategy: Monitor Customer Job Changes" article.

Launch a new nurture campaign!


Once you have the new contact info (new company and new email address) launch a brand new nurture campaign! Re-introduce yourself. Explain why your product is going to make them a shining star at their new company. This process will make new accounts and clean up old accounts in your CRM, helping the entire sales team focus on the best leads!

For more information on why you should track your customers, check out this article.

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