The Easiest Way To Track Job Changes In Salesforce

Sep 28

If you have a CRM like Salesforce, HubSpot, or Pipedrive, you will eventually run into this oh-so-common problem: your contacts will go stale because people change jobs.

Just like that pizza left on your counter overnight, your contacts become less enticing over time. Your sales team ignores them, scrolling past those months-old leads in favor of the ones that came in this morning. They just assume the data is wrong, and you end up paying for keeping contacts in your CRM that nobody pays any attention to.

What if there was a better way? What if those contacts could never go stale? What if that pizza you bought last weekend tasted as fresh and delicious today? 

Yes, miracles can happen. That miracle is called Live Data.

Track job changes in Salesforce

The holy grail, if you're in sales ops, or even just in the sales pit, is perfect data. Perfectly accurate, perfectly relevant, perfectly on time. Live Data can't guarantee all of that, but we can help with the first part. Data goes stale almost as soon as it's entered into the system. What we can do is sprinkle that data accuracy powder on top of your SFDC contacts and leads to make sure they never go bad.

And the way we bi-directionally sync your Salesforce instance is using a pretty well-known tool called Zapier. Check this out. We have two directions for using Zapier to track job changes in Salesforce:

  1. Sync Salesforce contacts to Live Data Ledgers
  2. Sync job changes from Live Data into Salesforce

The first Zapier zap pulls your contacts from Salesforce into Live Data. Our ledgers are the ongoing maintenance of your list, and they don't need to necessarily come from Salesforce. You could make a ledger from a CSV or through an API connection. The point is, a Live Data ledger is a place to put contacts that you care enough about to keep updated! It's the heart and soul of Live Data Technologies.

The second Zapier zap moves the data the other direction. When we find a job change, we'll update your Salesforce with that new data. We can populate a custom field, overwrite an existing field, or simply just check a box. Because it's Zapier, you get to decide how you want it to work, and we understand that every sales operation is different.

This just might be the easiest and most powerful way to harness the sales opportunity in real-time job changes. Best of all, there's very little cost to getting this set up. We've priced Live Data for everyone, big and small.

We just want you to succeed!

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