Top 5 Sales Hacker APIs

Jun 18

Unfortunately, many sales professionals spend the better part of their day on tasks other than selling.

Modern problems need modern solutions and when it comes to sales, there are practically unlimited tools for elevating your sales process and maximizing your productivity.

Try these 5 tools that are working for savvy sales hackers today!

1. Diffbot

Diffbot does a great job of taking webpages and turning them into structured data that sales hackers can convert into spreadsheets.

If you don't want to learn how to write Python scrapers or don't want to learn the ins and outs of Ruby's Nokogiri gem, fear not! Diffbot (for a fee) will take that burden off your shoulders. You do the strategy, Diffbot does the scraping.

2. ScrapingBee

When you've mastered Diffbot, you can graduate to ScrapingBee . These guys are great for scale. If you've discovered a vein of gold and now your whole company is salivating over your hack, ScrapingBee will help you scale out your system and run MASSIVE scale.

3. EmailFinder

Let's say you used ScrapingBee to run a conference website scraping operation. Now you have every Dreamforce speaker for the last 10 years. Then what? You need emails, right? Enter EmailFinder, the only service we've found that actually sends test emails so you don't have to worry about bounces.

4. FullContact

Okay, so now you got emails. It sure would be nice to know who these people are! FullContact will give you a whole dossier on these folks, and all you have to give is an email address!

5. GotLiveData

Now that you have a relationship with these folks, you'll want stay in touch if they change jobs! LiveData tracks your current customers and notifies you when they change jobs. Using this tool helps you find qualified leads, update your CRM and keep emails from bouncing.

Get Live Data
Get Live Data