TrackJobChanges was acquired by Live Data Technologies

Jun 18

We have a new home! TrackJobChanges is now in the Live Data Technologies family, and this is great news for our customers.

Live Data is the best B2B data company you've probably never heard of. Based in Santa Barbara, CA (and now scattered across the continent), Live Data has figured out how to collect employment information at a scale that TJC could only dream of.

I've known their CEO for years and plugged his data into one of the earliest releases of TJC. So you could say this deal has been in the works for a while.

What does it really mean for you? Here's the deal.

  • Better data: I know TJC isn't perfect. Nothing in B2B is, really, but Live Data moves us several steps closer to zero false positives and negatives.
  • More scale. Simply put, TJC was limited in speed and scale. Live Data figured out a better way to pull the data and we're no longer rate-limited. This means we can run hundreds of thousands, even millions of records in a single day.
  • Lower pricing. Taking a page from Sam Walton's book, we're going to pass the savings onto you. If you've had reservations about TJC because our old pricing didn't work at scale, then let's talk. We're looking at 50% or better price drops on all plans.

Best news yet: the data integration is already done! We're fully on Live Data's systems today.

I welcome you to take a fresh look at TrackJobChanges. Please reach out if you want to chat with me and the Live Data team.

Happy holidays!

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