Want to Change Jobs? Use This Quick Linkedin Feature to Tell Your Network

Jun 18

Networking is invaluable when you're changing jobs.

One of the best ways to utilize your network during your job search is by notifying recruiters, companies and other professionals that you're looking. Linkedin has made this easier than ever with their #OpenToWork feature.

#Linkedin's OpenToWork Feature

Linkedin has an easy-to-use feature right on your profile that notifies your network you're open to work. You can select what roles you're open to and where, then recruiters and hiring companies will see you on Linkedin when the criteria matches up.

In a June 2020 blog post, Linkedin stated that more than 30 million members used the #OpenToWork tool to help find their next job!

Profile Picture Frame

The #OpenToWork feature puts a frame on your profile picture that says "#OpenToWork"so anyone who comes across your profile, say in a comment or post, knows you're looking.

But don't worry, your boss won't see from their profile if you don't want them to. You can choose to display that you're Open to Work to just recruiters, not your current company.


How to Tell Your Network You're #OpenToWork

Updating your Linkedin profile is easy.

  1. Go to your Linkedin profile page by clicking the "Me" drop down under your profile picture in the tool bar and selecting "View Profile".
  1. Click the blue "Open to" button under your profile picture.
  2. Select "Finding a new job".
  1. The "Add job preferences" box pops up where you select job titles, job locations, start date and job type (full-time, part-time, contract, etc.).
  2. Before selecting "Add to profile", make sure you choose who sees you're open! You can select "All Linkedin members", which includes people you work with, or "Recruiters only", meaning Linkedin does its best to ensure your current employer doesn't see you want to change jobs.

Don't Forget to Turn It Off!

Once you find your next job, be sure to turn off the "Open to work" feature on your profile so recruiters and employers don't mistakenly reach out.

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