What Happens After You Import Contacts?

Jun 18

Okay! You've figured out where to get your contact data, you've exported from Salesforce or LinkedIn, and imported them into Live Data. What happens next?

The short answer is... you wait!

We will immediately begin communicating with the mother ship (Live Data Technologies) where all sorts of crazy fancy stuff starts happening. We match your inputs to an online person, like a LinkedIn profile. Then, we extract all the info we can grab off of it, including their title and current company, and decide if the company you gave is the same one that we see them at now. If it's changed, then we figure out their new email address.


Only then do we return a verdict back to you, the one you've been waiting for: did they or did they not change jobs?

We can run millions of these searches, lookups, and comparisons every day, and we can do it with accuracy unmatched in the industry. Even for small datasets, this process can take up to 10 minutes, so sit back, and we'll email you when your job is done.

And then what, you might ask?

Export out of Live Datato your favorite CRM or take advantage of our nightly automatic Salesforce sync. 😉

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