Jason Saltzman

Your Previous Customers Are The Secret To New Revenue

Jan 11

It’s no secret that the B2B sales process can be long, drawn out, and require massive amounts of resources to help turn prospects into customers.

Reaching net new customers and then facilitating their journey through the funnel stages from awareness to consideration to decision is anything but easy.

Let’s dive into how B2B sales and marketing teams can track champions across job changes to maximize new sales opportunities and retained revenue.

Your Easiest New Revenue Opportunities

What if you could drive new revenue by making easy sales?

The easiest people to sell to are those who have already moved through the buyer journey – your existing champions!

The hard-won customers you already have are the most likely to advocate for your product and purchase again at their new company. This means that your champions changing jobs opens the door for your best new sales opportunities by:

  • Increasing buying intent: Your past customers are up to 5x more likely to buy from you again
  • Skipping straight to the decision phase: bypass the awareness and customer education phases because your champions already know and understand your product and its value
  • Making the most of the buying window: New execs and decision-makers spend 70% of their budget within their first 100 days

Leverage the personal relationships that your sales team builds with your customers by making sure that they are among the first to congratulate customers on job changes (promotions or company changes).

Tracking your champions’ job changes generates pipeline in a highly automated, high-value, and low-effort manner. By being the first to know about your champions’ job changes, you can accelerate your sales cycle and get to revenue more quickly.

Simply, your champions are your best asset to help win new companies and accounts. From the pure revenue brought in to the marketing value of boasting that company X uses your product, each customer is a prized contribution to the ongoing success of your business.

Protect Your Existing Revenue Streams

Generating net new revenue is only part of your company’s total revenue. With rising CACs, LTV and retention are more important than ever before.

The loss of a champion within your current customer accounts can be the earliest indicator of churn risk. Thus, knowing when champions leave is a critical part of retaining existing revenue.

Job changes can directly influence the likelihood of your renewal if there is a sole champion in your customer account, or if too much time passes before your CS team is aware of the job change and fails to nurture the relationship ahead of the next renewal.

Employee movement and job change events are also an opportunity to (re)engage the customer and built adoption and momentum, boosting upsell opportunities that might not have been available previously. 

Real-Time, Actionable Insights on Job Changes

Historically, job change tracking for both net new revenue and retention opportunities has relied on hyper-attentive and diligent staff to act in a timely manner.

Automated tracking and notifications of job change events surface these opportunities in real-time – giving your sales team the insights they need to take action and secure revenue.

With Live Data, you can help your sales and customer support teams operate at their full potential, saving them time and ensuring your business hits growth and retention goals.