Your best prospects just started a new role

We've detected 10,000+ CRM product buyers that have changed jobs already in 2023. These job change events are actionable sales triggers – but only if you know about them.

Get Access to All Of Your Prospects

These 10 CRM buyers recently changed jobs

  • Mike Megnia, Revenue Operations at Procore Technologies is now the Head of Revenue Operations at Relevize
  • Patrick Taylor, Vice President, SI Alliances at DocuSign is now the Vice President, Customer Experience at LogicMonitor
  • Jen Vasser, Director, Enterprise Customer Success at Tableau Software is now the VP, Customer Success - North America at Meltwater
  • Michael Holcomb, Senior Manager Customer Success, Financial Services at Tableau Software is now the Global Vice President Customer Success at Wiiisdom
  • Jack O'Malley, Executive Director, Sales Engineering - Americas Pre-Sales - Retail Division at NCR is now the Vice President Account Management and Customer Success at Softeon
  • Tarra Gomory, Director, Customer Success at Procore Technologies is now the Head of Customer Success at intenseye
  • Paul Brook, Head of Customer Success & Services at HashiCorp is now the Chief Customer Officer at PowerSchool
  • Noel Pedroza, Head of Customer Operations, Americas at Qualtrics is now the Vice President of Customer Care at iFit
  • Kavita Shial, Head of Customer Operations EMEA at Qualtrics is now the Head of Customer Success at Intuit
  • Eric Myll, Director, Sales Strategy & Operations at Palo Alto Networks is now the Head of Revenue Operations at Merge
LIve Data Technologies finds emails and cleans data.

Tracking Job Changes For GTM Teams

30% of people change jobs every year but there's no mechanism in your CRM to reflect these changes in real time.

Stale data means that sales, marketing, and customer success teams miss opportunities to connect with hot prospects, former customers, and key accounts. The easiest people to sell to are the people you’ve already sold to and decision makers who change jobs have the budget, the authority, and the urgency to make an impact in their new role. In fact, most will spend 70% of their budget within their first 100 days.

Live Data provides immediate access to your customers as they change jobs to increase deal flow, improve your funnel, and reduce churn.

Fill Pipeline With Warm Leads

Leverage your network of previous buyers to cut down on the time spent prospecting. Make the tough prospecting landscape easier and solve the “poor quality leads” issue. Customer job changes facilitate a warmer touch with new accounts and shorter sales cycles.

A FastPass To Closed-Won Deals

The prospects in your job change pipeline have immediate interest, higher response rates, and higher conversion rates than any other source. Your previous customers are pre-educated – they are up to 5x more likely to close and require half of the time than cold leads.

Automate Your Most Manual Processes

Sales reps waste 1 day per week chasing prospects that have changed companies. Customer success and CRM teams are tasked with fighting rapid data decay. Automate your contact data hygiene and instantly improve the relationships with your customers across accounts.