LIve Data Technologies finds emails and cleans data.

Never Email The Wrong Address

Make sure the email you spent so much time researching and crafting is going to the right email address and get alerted if the recipient's contact info is out of date.

Reach More Prospects

Verify B2B Contact Info

Sales and marketing emails only work if they reach the right person at the right email address. Work with the most accurate job change and contact data available so you’re always reaching out to the right person at the right time.

Get Accurate Contact Info
CLEAN Your Database

Update Your Contacts, Unlock Hidden Revenue

Contact data decays rapidly. Your outreach is only as good as the contacts you reach out to. Update your current records and instantly push changes to your database. Get real-time job change data, company data, and contact data together in a single B2B data file or API service.

Update My Contacts

Leverage Job Change Data For Outbound Email

Generate Fresh Pipeline

Improve Campaign Effectiveness

Get Job Change Alerts

Get Up-To-Date Contact Info Via