The future of GTM runs on data

Real-time job change data surface revenue opportunities, fight churn, target growing accounts, and enhance AI tools


Enter a new era of GTM

Data is the foundation for an AI-driven GTM strategy and the future of GTM relies on accurate, up-to-date contact data.

Even the best AI tool is only as good as the data it is trained on. Your CRM data is your company’s training dataset and “garbage in = garbage out”.

Ensuring your CRM data is always accurate is a requirement for a successful AI strategy.

Your most valuable data, continuously updated

Turn job changes into opportunities


30% of people change jobs every year. To run an effective GTM motion, your database needs to reflect these changes.

Integrated with your CRM


Live Data integrates into your CRM in 10 minutes and immediately starts verifying the accuracy of your records.

Account insights


Companies that are hiring are up to 2x more likely to buy. They have budget, and are looking to spend it to hit their growth targets.

Supercharge your GTM efforts

Reach the right people at the right place and time. Job change data helps GTM teams:

Generate revenue opportunities

Generate revenue opportunities

  • Make prospecting easier and solve the “poor quality leads” issue
  • Job changes facilitate a warmer touch with new accounts and shorter sales cycles
Stop churn before it happens

Stop churn before it happens

  • Monitor decision-maker movement to know when an account needs attention
  • It costs 5x more to close new customers than to retain existing customers
Deploy a winning AI strategy

Deploy a winning AI strategy

  • Don’t train AI tools on an inaccurate training dataset
  • Understand which records to include in your dataset and update the records that need attention

Is your Data Live?

Say goodbye to stale data. Live Data is the gold standard in real-time job change data for the modern, dynamic workforce.