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Work with the most accurate job change and contact data available so you’re always reaching out to the right person at the right time.

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Job change events are among the best opportunities to win new customers. On average, a decision-maker in a new role will spend over 70% of their budget within the first 100 days. Our custom lists based on your unique ICP give you direct access to your best prospects — people with fresh budget and an urgency to make an impact in a new role.

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Update Your Contacts, Unlock Hidden Revenue

Contact data decays rapidly. Your GTM outreach is only as good as the contacts you reach out to. Update your current records and instantly push changes to your database. Get real-time job change data, company data, and contact data together in a single B2B data file or API service.

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Job Change Data For Startups

Everybody knows that people who change jobs are likely to buy new products. They have the budget, the authority, and the urgency to make an impact at their new job. But your team needs to know that they recently changed jobs. Live Data feeds this data to your team in real-time so you never miss these new job opportunities. Live Data provides an audience of targeted prospects to increase deal flow, improve your funnel, and reduce churn. We automatically update contact information like email addresses whenever we detect a new job change (and we detect over 30K/day).

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