LIve Data Technologies finds emails and cleans data.

A New Source for Actionable Market Insights

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Understand the current trends for talent at a company, or be the first to follow them to the next rocketship.



A 24/7 Flow of Job Change Data

By continuously monitoring information found on the open web we're able to provide job change data for decision makers the moment it's detected. You can receive all job change data detected across our database, or choose specific companies or titles to track.


Be the first to know key changes

On average, we detect nearly 600k job changes per month and publish these changes immediately, so you no longer need to wait for quarterly, or in some cases, annual updates from other providers.

Uncover the Next Big Opportunity

With the most accurate insights into a company’s workforce you can perform deeper due diligence and gain a competitive edge over your competition.

The Source of Truth for What’s Driving a Business

Be the first to know when key staff are moving into or out of your target companies, from the C-Suite to mid-level management. Research shows job changes are a valuable leading indicator of future growth.

Know When Key Employees Leave, and Where They Go

Breathe new life into your current records by performing a deep analysis to provide the most up-to-date contact information while removing duplicates.

Identify Lookalike Opportunities

Have interest in a particular sector but finding opportunities limited? Live Data utilizes semantic search principles so we’ll identify similar prospects even if they use different titles to describe their role.