Salesforce Estimates the Cost of Bad Data at $18K per Sales Rep Annually.

We Fix This.

Sales and Marketing

How We Help

Your sales team needs to spend less time fixing bad contact data and more time selling. And when it comes to outreach, no one can build you a customized audience of prospects more cost effectively than Live Data.


Accurate data is the electricity that powers successful sales operations. Live Data provides an audience of targeted prospects to increase deal flow, and automatically updates contact information whenever new information is uncovered to save time.


Conversion rates improve when you’re reaching out to people with correct contact information. They also improve when you have context that allows you to craft messages appealing to specific prospects. Better data means a fuller funnel.

Customer Success

Customer success teams take a proactive, data-led approach to helping customers more effectively work with your company. But when they are handicapped by bad contact data, they can’t perform their two main tasks of increasing renewals and reducing churn.

Live Data tells you when current customers change jobs, so you reduce the risk of churn at your current client by identifying a new internal champion. Better still, you now have a new qualified lead with a former user.