LIve Data Technologies finds emails and cleans data.

Your List Is Only As Good As Your Data

Your customers demand quality data and stale data is killing your reputation. With Live Data you can update your entire file monthly for less money than you pay for periodic spot checks.

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Breathe New Life Into Your Data File

Live Data will keep your entire file up to date on a monthly basis, and fill in any gaps you have with contact information found on the open web. Using multiple data sources to triangulate the best data available, our data sets a new standard for real-time and accuracy. With over 80 million employees updated regularly, we find over half a million new job changes every month. Bring your lists up to date with the gold standard of job change and contact data.

Continuous File Updates

Your file size is likely measured in the tens of millions, which means hundreds of thousands of records go bad every month as vice presidents, directors, and managers at top-tier companies change jobs. Don't let your customers find inaccurate data! Get ahead of this problem and save your reputation by leveraging Live Data's job change detection system.

We ensure that your entire file is refreshed monthly. Yes, monthly.

We'll include updated contact information with the new job data, allowing your customers to make the most of your data.

File Deduplication

If you don't track job changes, your file is going to be full of duplicate records: the same person will have multiple records for each of their previous jobs. Live Data identifies these records and removes them from your file, leaving only accurate employment information. You need accurate data and we have your back.

Append LinkedIn Data Easily

Your customers want quick and easy access to LinkedIn data. Live Data adds LinkedIn profile links to the records in your file with match rates in the 85%+ range. We are able to append unique LinkedIn profile IDs which you can tie back into your internal and external databases as a useful key in marketing data.

Royalty Free Custom Data

Are you frustrated by dealing with the same data suppliers? Let Live Data build you a custom file to your specifications. Our files are royalty free, updated monthly, and sourced from the only database that matters – the open web. We will include verified contact data including email addresses and LinkedIn profile IDs.

Remove Bad Emails

Our proprietary email verification service leverages open web data sources and removes contacts who have changed employers – minimizing hard bounces. We invested a lot of resources into getting our email finding process as accurate as possible because we know that email is how business gets done.