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Easily Integrate Live Data Into Your Application

If your contact partner is pulling information from a static database then they are doing it wrong. You need Live Data. Every call you make to the Live Data API returns real-time information from the most accurate truth sources on the open web. Trigger marketing automation based on real-time job changes as Live Data detects new B2B job and contact data. Build these insights into your service offerings or integrate directly into your sales ops tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, and more using our Zapier integration.

API Reference Documentation

MarTech Needs The Most Accurate Contact Data

If the success of your service depends on accurate contact information, we can help. Live Data ensures your service is incorporating the most accurate contact information available. Don’t let stale data compromise your email sending reputation. Live Data removes bad data from your files and adds only the most current employment and contact information available.

React Immediately When Contact Data Changes

Live Data can be integrated into all of your existing sales ops and collaboration tools, ensuring that you can get real-time insights right where it matters in your business workflow. Your sales and marketing teams will love being able to reach out to senior executives at just the right time: when they start new jobs. Use this signal to send your message at the right time.

Offer Your Own Contacts

Licensing contacts from third parties? How about a royalty-free file that you own? Tell us your ideal file profile and we’ll build you a custom file that we’ll also refresh on a monthly basis. No matter where you source your information today, you can use Live Data to clean and deduplicate the contact records, ensuring that you always have the best data available.

Rich Company Data

Augment your people data with fresh firmographic data. The most current company information is also available through our API, so there’s no need to purchase data from multiple data vendors. Live Data is simplifying the entire B2B data process: job changes, company data, and contact information available all from one source and through a single powerful B2B data API.