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The New Alternative Data Source

Talent movement is one of the single biggest indicators of a company's health and trajectory. Understand real-time employment trends at a company to find alpha or mitigate risk.

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Job Change Data For Market Insights

Say goodbye to the days of relying on job listings or LinkedIn posts to assess company health.

Harness the power of multiple first-party data sources for real-time job change insights. With the most accurate market insights into a company’s workforce you can perform deeper due diligence and gain a competitive edge over your competition.

Our proprietary data set and analytics track movements and changes in job histories and titles, and record this information at the company and employee levels in our extensive B2B database.

The Single Source Of Truth For Job Changes Worldwide

Be the first to know when key staff are moving into or out of your target companies, from the C-Suite to mid-level management. Research shows job changes are a valuable leading indicator of future growth (or contraction). By looking at employee movements across companies and within industries and job sectors, our market intelligence can predict broader market trends. Live Data operates at scale, tracking millions of people and millions of companies 24/7 so you always have the most accurate assessment available.

Know When Key Employees Leave And Which Businesses Are Hiring

Perform deep analysis on the most up-to-date employment information to uncover insights and generate outsized returns. Live Data supplies hedge funds and investors with the data they rely on to run powerful market models that predict the next cycle of growth or contraction. Live Data is particularly helpful in comparing competitive businesses; we can see who is poaching from whom, and at what management level the job changes are occurring. For public companies, these job changes might predict stock price movements and earnings adjustments.

Identify Investment Opportunities

Have interest in a particular sector but finding opportunities limited? Live Data utilizes semantic search principles so we’ll identify similar prospects even if they use different titles to describe their role. Since many alternative data consumers have tremendous amounts of data, our sophisticated software is able to tell when you have a duplicate record and aren't aware of it. Live Data is the only data service provider capable of determining that two employee or CRM records that might appear different are actually the same person – because they changed jobs.