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Job Change Data Closes Deals

Work with the most accurate job change and contact data available so you’re always reaching out to the right person at the right time.

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Sales and Marketing

Job Change Data For Sales And Marketing Teams

Live Data provides an audience of targeted prospects to increase deal flow, improve your funnel, and reduce churn. We automatically update contact information like email addresses whenever we detect a new job change. Everybody knows that people who change jobs are likely to buy new products. They have the budget, the authority, and the urgency to make an impact at their new job. But your team needs to know that they recently changed jobs. Live Data feeds this data to your team so you never miss these new job opportunities.

Create Custom Audiences

Discover new leads based on your unique buyer personas. All records are continuously monitored so your data never decays. Our team builds a custom list that always includes the most current employment and contact data.

Remove Duplicates From Your CRM

Breathe new life into your current records by performing a deep analysis to provide the most up-to-date contact information while removing duplicates. Stop sending emails to people who already left their old company.

Get Job Change Alerts

Get notified as soon as your customer changes jobs. Identify your new internal champion while turning your previous contact into a new prospect. People who change jobs are the most valuable prospects you can offer your teams.