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Power Your HR Tech With Job Change Data

The workforce is more dynamic than ever before, and the best stories can only be told with accurate B2B contact data.

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Recruiting Technology Requires Accurate Employment Data

It’s our mission to provide you with the most accurate and real-time B2B job change data so you can focus on finding the HR insights to power your business. Live Data supports HR and recruiting technology and software companies who need to track their placements. Live Data also can ensure that clients are attributing their hires to the recruiting platforms they used to discover them. All of our job change tracking is automated and available in a user interface or API.

Automated Workforce Movement Updates

Access the most accurate job change data and discover hidden trends in today’s workforce. People change jobs all the time; now you can include job changes in your application.

Talent Insights And Trends That Enhance Your Business

Understand company talent in new ways by diving into your workforce’s previous roles and education. Find early indicators of who will become a top performer.

Benchmark Against Your Industry With Talent Insights

View team sizes, hiring trends, and talent flow of any company in a space. See how your team compares or learn the steps taken to building a successful business.

Reach The Right Person At The Right Time

Take the guesswork out of outreach and get in contact with the right talent at the right time. With access to more accurate B2B contact data you can find the talent needed to grow your business.