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Mapping the Human Capital Universe

Welcome Rick Davis, VP Data Visualization & Analytics, to add context to human capital data.

Mapping the Human Capital Universe
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Welcome Rick Davis

Rick Davis joins Live Data as VP of Data Visualization & Analytics. Rick brings with him a wealth of experience in branding and operations across multiple applications of cutting-edge tech. However, it's Rick’s work visualizing and analyzing the human capital of SpaceX that gets us most excited. This network of top talent has started 100+ companies, raised $4.4B+, and is shaping the future of space and beyond.

The start – mapping the SpaceX universe

In order to map the rapidly expanding universe of SpaceX alumni, Rick needed a data solution that allowed him to track job changes as they happened. When Rick came to Live Data looking for data, both sides quickly recognized the opportunity for a different type of collaboration.

Time and time again, we’ve seen the value in putting visual context around job changes and human capital data. We can tell you that SpaceX alums have founded 100+ companies and hired 4,000+ people. Or… we can show you this:

Explore the human capital orbit around SpaceX.

Compelling visuals don't only supplement the narrative, they drive it forward. Our intent is to transform abstract data into insight, helping clients better understand how workforce data in general, and job change data, in particular, can help their organizations make better decisions.

Now – mapping the human capital universe

From the launchpad of SpaceX alumni, Rick is scaling Live Data's capacity to put context around 100s of millions of job change events – providing an interactive and entertaining way to generate valuable insights on job change data.

Here are some of data stories we’ll be sharing soon: 

- Visualizing alumni networks for companies and colleges
- Generating insights on portfolios of companies and equities
- Mapping job changes by geography
- Understanding trends at the title, function, company, and industry levels
- Benchmarking companies, industries, and peer groups
- And many more…

To stay up to date on the latest insights and context on the real-time job changes of 85M+ individuals, follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to the Human Capitalist newsletter.

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