Report: Professional Services Promotions

Analysis of 750K+ employees at the major accounting and consulting firms

What happened to professional services promotions in 2023?


A sample of 750K+ current and former employees of the top eight accounting and consulting firms.

It is worth noting that Live Data Technologies is primarily focused on monitoring employment status and job change events for white-collar employees in North America.

Methodology for analysis

Live Data Technologies maintains a continuously updated employment database of 88M+ white-collar workers and observes millions of job change events every year (both company changes and internal changes). Live Data Technologies uses an ML solution for title-to-level classification for every company and title combination across 88M+ records.

For our sample of 750K+ employees across the eight firms we looked to see how many employees had an internal job change (a title change at the same company) in a given period. If the individual’s new title was a higher level than their previous title, we classified this job change as a promotion.

Notes on the source data from Live Data Technologies

Live Data Technologies's standard process (our patented IP) is generally referred to as SERP analysis. We query the major search engines (Baidu, Yandex, Bing, Google, etc.) for information on people and their employment. A shorthand way of thinking of this is that we are prompt engineering the search engines.

All of our data is sourced through these sources and is publicly available. We assess ALL the info that comes back from each query to the search engines. We use a proprietary process to monitor the current company and title for 88M+ people on at least a twice-monthly basis, and as such pick up a lot of job changes monthly. This means we have a) the most recent employment data for the white-collar workforce and b) a continuous stream of job change events. This allows us to report on movement at the person, title, function, job level, company, and industry levels.